The Pomorskie Voivodeship is a unique place, which is located in the northern part of Poland. The total area is 18,293 km2. The population is 2 346 717 (30/06/2020). It is one of the most attractive and best-developing regions of the country. Due to its location near the Baltic Sea (the length of the coastline is 316 km), Pomorskie offers excellent relaxation and entertainment. Its coastal location, at the crossroads of important international transport routes, fosters stronger economic, political and scientific relations. Besides having a diverse natural topography, Pomorskie is also a multicultural region. Remarkable historical and geographic circumstances have encouraged its people to be open-minded and hospitable, free and independent. That is why Pomorskie is an excellent example of how various communities can peacefully coexist while permeating each other and still retain their cultural identity. At the same time, thanks to the European Union funds and a large number of professionals educated at local universities, Pomorskie is becoming a place where investors increasingly allocating their capital. Pomorskie is a land friendly to everyone: its people, tourists, and entrepreneurs.


The Pomorskie Voivodeship Development Strategy 2030 is a document which sets the main trends for regional development until 2030. The main emphasis in the Strategy was placed on environmental, energy, health and digital security.

The Strategy focuses on: education, social sensitivity, mobility, the labour market, social capital, tourism and integration with the global transport system.

Pomorskie will also support the activities for: mitigation of the negative effects of the climate crisis, water pollution, and air quality deficits, ensuring access to good-quality drinking water and transforming waste management towards a circular economy.

The use of heritage (with particular emphasis on cultural heritage) and the traditions of Pomorskie will boost social development, civic activity, environmental and climate protection, promotion of healthy lifestyle, rational communication behaviour, digitization and entrepreneurship.

The aim of Pomorskie is to provide children and young people with a comprehensive, high-quality education. It is also planned to increase the offer and accessibility of social services for all residents, especially people at risk of poverty or social exclusion, especially seniors, children and adolescents, people with disabilities, women and immigrants.

The region has great potential for the development of leisure services, including those related to tourism, as well as sports and cultural offers. Its use, however, is associated with providing a diverse and comprehensive offer, attracting both people from outside the region and residents.

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