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Since 18th October is the European Union’s Anti-Trafficking Day, an anti-slavery and anti-trafficking walk is organised today in Gdańsk. Its participants, with tape on their lips and bar codes on their clothes, symbolising the victims’ fear, refusal to speak and objectification, will protest against practices which lead to over 4mln people suffering from trafficking and slavery every year. The walk, under the name “Don’t be silent!” starts at 4pm and will cover almost the entire city. Everyone is free to join.

The event will continue on Monday, 21st October, when a conference devoted to the same issue is planned in Gdańsk. It is addressed mostly to women, who more often become the victims of human trafficking. They will learn how to protect themselves and how to recognise the danger and avoid it before it’s to late. The men are also welcome – they can find out how to protect themselves, and how to help those who did not manage to escape from such illegal practices and became victims. Daniela Sikora, who has been fighting with the modern slavery for years now, and Anna Bałchan, who on the daily basis helps the victims of human trafficking, violence and prostitution, are among the speakers at the conference. The programme also includes a documentary directed by Benjamin Nolot, depicting the brutal and merciless underworld where human trafficking and slavery are something completely normal.

The conference is open to everyone willing to join.

More information available here and here.