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Baltic Sea Region wide study identifying Blue Growth cooperation opportunities

Baltic Sea Region... We recommend the newest BSR-wide study identifying Blue Growth cooperation opportunities prepared by the Smart Blue Regions project partners.

The project team of Smart Blue Regions has conducted a Baltic Sea Region-wide study to identify blue growth cooperation opportunities in the blue fields of “Machinery and Technology”, “Energy” and “Life Science and Blue Medicine”. The study aims at closing the gap of information by mapping blue growth focus areas and actors. The review is based on regional/ national Research and Innovation Strategies.

Following the EU concept of smart specialisation, the study focuses on supporting innovation in selected fields of specialisation only. The BSR-wide study is based on a selection of regions. The regions are restricted to the countries involved in the Smart Blue Regions project. That means that all countries around the Baltic Sea are involved except for Denmark, Lithuania, Norway and Russia. Besides the six partner regions, other blue regions in the respective countries were identified. Each project partner was responsible to do a selection for his/her own country, based on an analysis of the national/ regional RIS3 documents