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The company, previously known as BioBaltica changed its name into InnoBaltica, because of its large organizational and functional development.

It not only developed more and changed its name, but also got more innovative. It means that InnoBalica started to understand and approach the development itself, mostly in the field of ‘innovation support’. It started to think about the effective cooperation among the local administration, technology transfer centers, R&D institutions, regional development organisations, and other established organisations, which have an influence on the innovative image of the Pomorskie region.

InnoBaltica re-profiled due to an institutional coordinator/manager of the coordination processes among all the players from the business, science and administration in Pomorskie after the change in meaning of the innovation process that was discovered by the self-governmet of the Pomorskie region and the self-government of the City of Gdańsk in case of an implementation of the innovative economy systems.

InnoBaltica, which is owned by the three biggest Pomeranian universities, self-government of the Pomorskie Region, self-government of the City of Gdańsk and self-government of the City of Gdynia, due to those processes became the main tool in the new innovation policy of Pomorskie Region. Its aim is to build a new comprehensive and complete system that will create a new innovative image of Pomorskie as a whole organism and a representation of people who live there.

Main InnoBaltica’s goals include:

1. Support of the major national intercollegiate projects with aim to foster the cooperation between the scientific research centres and the leading companies of the region;

2. Regional level management of the complex Pomeranian enterprises’ innovativeness support system;

3. Development of an effective tool to foster business innovative projects from the early stage of theincubation;

4. Participation of the company and other interested stakeholders from Pomorskie in the projects that build national and international identity and prestige of the Pomoeranian research and the development centres.

Consequently, the new technologies in Pomorskie should be established on the base of the potential of the Pomorskie universities, especially on the different disciplines, such as:

The company, serving as a tool of the innovative economy development policy of the Region aims at:

1. Creating strong links and effective cooperation between academic and business entities toward implementation of innovative products;

2. Increasing the competence level of the regional innovative processes’ managers and the cooperation networks’ leaders;

3. Attracting investors for the Pomeranian innovation offer.

All the aims of InnoBaltica are to establish a new quality of development in Pomorskie, and to create new tasks and projects, mainly:

InnoBaltica is also a coordinator of 2 basic Pomeranian clusters:

In consequence, InnoBaltica gains an access to and organizes processes of innovation in Pomorskie. It is going to be the basis of the company’s impact on the position the Pomorskie, and InnoBaltica itself, will hold on the economic map of the world for the following years.