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In next year Sopot is going to revitalize areas around the station. These projects will be realized in the framework of the project “Revitalization of the railway station and areas near the station in Sopot” co-funded by the European JESSICA initiative. Low-interest loan agreement was signed on 07.01.2013 by: Jaroslaw Bełdowski – Vice President of BGK (the National Bank of Economics), and Adam Meszczyński – Proxy Baltic Investment Group S.A.

The project will be implement by Baltic Investment Group SA (BGI SA / Private Partner / Investor) which was originated by the City of Sopot in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public-Private Partnership and the Law on concessions for works or services.

Investment objectives for example: thorough revitalization of the area surrounding the station in Sopot with the reconstruction of traffic area and creation an attractive, modern complex, along with a green public space around the object; establishment of a two-level town square connected to the so-called “Monciak” and Monte Cassino; underground parking for 270 cars and a new railway station ready to serve approximately 5,800 people per day.

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