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On 12th of June 2014 in Gdansk was signed the new project “Pomeranian International Bicycle Routes R-10 and R-9”.

The diversity of the landscape and terrain makes Pomerania a perfect place for cycling. The regional government, willing to meet expectations of visitors and cyclists, proceeded to work on a strategic project, which aim is to build two international cycling routes. Route R-10 (the Hanseatic route by the seaside) and Vistula Bicycle Route (which is part of the R-9)  Both of them are located in the corridors of the European network of bicycle routes called Euro Velo.

The regional government has also second tourist project “Canoeing through Pomerania”. Both projects will be carried out simultaneously and  will be complementary.

We invite you for practicing various forms of active tourism in the picturesque Pomerania!