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It appeared that the golden days if the old manor house located in Kolibki (Gdynia City) had passed irreversibly. However, thanks to four organisations – the Traffic Design Association, Creation Office, Fab Lab Tricity and Architecture Plus Foundation, and with a support from the Gdynia City Hall, it was given one more chance to retrieve its former grandeur, this time as a centre for the alternative arts. The centre may still not have an official name, but it surely has great plans for the future – it is expected to be a place where various forms of arts and art studios can coexist and cooperate. It will merge visual arts with technology, architecture, ecology and actions in public space. Quite interestingly, not only the manor itself, whose old hypnotherapy building is the main building, is a part of the centre, but the carriage house and lunging pen as well. Even the garden will be used as an exhibition area, not to mention the plans to adapt the old brewery, greenhouse or smithy. In the following year, the founders are planning to organise various cultural and educational events, including concerts, exhibitions and workshops related to street art, design, modern technologies, and architecture, most of them free of charge thanks to the support from the City Hall. At the moment, the centre visitors get a rare treat – they can use the 3D printer and CNC cutter to make their own art.

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photo by: Agnieszka Potocka