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Between 10 and 13 October 2011, the Committee  of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission’s Regional Policy DG (DG REGIO) will organise the 9th OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities. Coinciding with the CoR plenary session on Monday 10 October in the EP Hemicycle, CoR members will be able to attend the OPEN DAYS from the very start. That session will again be co-organised with the meeting of the EP’s Committee on Regional Development. 

For 2011, CoR and DG REGIO have teamed up with 206 regions and cities from 35 countries – organised in 23 geographical and thematic partnerships – as well as with financial institutions, European associations and companies. Some  6 000 politicians, regional  and local experts and academics are expected at about 100 seminars and debates in Brussels. In addition, between September and November, more than 200 local events all over Europe will attract an audience of 25 000 people to seminars in 35 countries, which will be branded “Europe in my region/city”

Among the 100+ seminars, a total of 38 will be organised on CoR premises involving all services of the CoR, Political Groups, and external partners. The latter will focus on public-private partnerships (PPP) building on proposals made by regions, cities, networks, banks (EIB, EAPB), European associations (BusinessEurope, UAPME etc.) and companies (GE, HP, Philips, Veolia, Vodafone etc.). A total of 50 PPPs will be presented and discussed.

Also and other regions will be also visible in this event. In the park Cinquantenaire Polish Regional Development Ministry will build Polish City.


Pomorskie Region will take part in conference: Creative Cities and Regions for innovate Europe.