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Europe Prize of PACE is the highest prize awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to European towns which are most active in propagating the European idea, European solidarity and cooperation, international exchange and are members of European or international organisations.


The Council of Europe appreciated the involvement of Słupsk in promoting European values, especially such initiatives as:

– pioneering project of a trilateral agreement with Carlisle and Flensburg created 25 years ago and initiated by Maciej Kobyliński, the Mayor of Słupsk;

– international cooperation of youth and educational institutions;

– cultural projects carried out in cooperation with foreign entities;

– cooperation with 10 partner cities of Europe and Asia;

– activity of Maciej Kobyliński, Mayor of Słupsk in the Committee of the Regions;

– Słupsk’s activity in the New Hanseatic League;

– international Activities of the Youth Council of Słupsk (Młodzieżowa Rada Miasta Słupska);

– running the Europe Direct;

– organizing of Olimpiada Wiedzy o Społeczeństwie “Gwiezdny Krąg” (Civic Knowledge Contest “Gwiezdny Krąg”);

– international cooperation with eastern neighbouring countries.

The prize has been awarded to Słupsk as a recognition for its international activities. Slupsk is the fourth Polish and 71st European city to have received the Europe Prize, which has been awarded for nearly 60 years.

In order to be able to apply for the Europe Prize, Słupsk needed to win the following PACE prizes before: the European Diploma (1993), the Flag of Honour (1994) and the Plaque of Honor (in 1997).


Here you can read about it on the official website of PACE

Europe Prize brochure