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The fifth conference on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) is organized by the National Contact Point for the Research Programmes and the European Commission in close collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Economy of Poland.

At this high-profile event representatives of industry, research, financing and policy will discuss the financing and swift development of the key low-carbon energy technologies indentified in the SET-Plan. A key outcome of the conference will be a strong political resolution on a proper reflection of the SET-Plan technologies in the next financial framework (2014-2020).

Other main topics will be infrastructural consequences of the transition to low-carbon technologies, and the SET-Plan’s new initiative on Smart Cities and Communities. The conference will foster the commitment of stakeholders to developing integrated solutions to urban energy and transport problems.

Also  the progress and achievements of the European Industrial Initiatives (EIIs) and the European Energy Research Alliance’s (EERA) Joint Programmes will be presented.

The event will be accompanied by the exhibition on SET-Plan technologies and demonstration projects.


The SET-Plan conference 2011 draft agenda is now available HERE