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as part of “Sense of Place. European landscape photography” (Summer of Photography 2012, Brussels).

Sense of Place is the major exhibition of the new edition of the Summer of Photography. This edition presents some 160 works by 40 photographers from every member country of the European Union, among whom Polish artist Szymon Rogiński.  This year’s exhibition demonstrates the diversity of the European landscape. Divided into three major geographical regions – northern, central, and Mediterranean Europe – the works show how the natural environment has helped to shape identities. The photographers show that Europe is not just a political zone, but also a place with personal meanings for every individual.

Szymon Rogiński  was born in 1975 in Gdańsk. Nowadays, he lives and works in Warsaw. Szymon Rogiński deals mainly with documentary topographical photography.  Though, he has enough courage to cross the line between this convention and the world of fantasy and imagination. This unique feature is being recognizable from his early project USA (2001). Such approach in his works probably results from his activities in fashion and media markets. His photos were published in “Common & Senses”, “Vogue l’Hommes”, “Young Tree Press”, “Futu”, “Shots Directory”, “A4”, “Fluid”, “Modern Painters”. 

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Source: http://www.culturepolonaise.eu/3,3,432,en,Szymon_Roginskis_Poland_synthesis_to_be_seen_at_Bozar