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The majority of Polish citizens trust in the European Union

The majority of...

Following the information published last week by the Committee of the Regions, as a result of the latest Eurobarometer’s survey completed in September 2015, Poles represent one of the highest percentage of EU citizens trusting the European Union among the other Member States’ nations. Moreover, local and regional authorities were identified as citizens’ preferred key representatives of the EU’s policies and therefore, they should be prioritized as the main source of information for societies. Stressing the high rates of Polish citizens’ confidence in the activities pursued by the European Union, the Committee of the Regions has welcomed annual regional surveys as part of efforts to create a truly citizen-centred Europe

More than half of Poles (51%) trust the European Union, which clearly distinguishes Poland from the EU average of 42%. The biggest confidence has been noted at around 61% in Świętokrzyskie voivodship and it constitutes the highest result obtained among EU regions at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, due to current challenges facing Europe, Poles, like most of the Europeans, are mainly concerned about migration and unemployment issues.

The results of the Eurobarometer survey were presented at EuroPCom, the 6th European Conference for Public Communication, organised by the European Committee of the Regions on 21-22 October in Brussels.

The detailed results of the survey can be found here.