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The unused underground utility rooms of the city’s main railway station is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of theatre. But that’s exactly where the stage is going to be. Considering the current not-so-good situation of the performing arts sector, the recently set-up Culture Clinic Association was lucky enough to get the venue right in the centre of Gdynia. The members of the Association have no intention of interfering with the unusual character of the rooms – they would like to keep them as they are, vast and spacious, not divided by the partition walls. The plan is to leave to space as open as possible, so that anyone can come and leisurely sip coffee during the time when there are no performances. The theatre would offer place for max. 70 people in one auditorium, and 40 in another. Additionally, there will be a room devoted particularly to workshops, where artists would be able to prepare their own props. The theatre would also serve as a place for promoting local artists, as well as an information centre on issues related to theatre projects.

The grand opening is scheduled on 7th and 8th December, but before that, in November, the theatre would host a series of lessons and lectures devoted to the performing arts. The audience would also have a chance to attend numerous cultural events, including jazz concerts, exhibitions and workshops.

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