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The event begins on the 8th May 2013 and lasts for 5 days in Brussels. Audience will discover the latest new artistic creations of our friends from Poznan, Brussels, Hamburg and Paris. It’s dedicated to ‘those who have left, those who are still here and those who will arrive’. The presentation is the fruit of a spontaneous and friendly meeting between Carine Lauwers and Piotr Osuszkiewicz.

The objective is not to talk about art’s end product – i.e. paintings, photography, music or crafts – as to do so takes away it’s inherent mystery and uniqueness. It’s especially difficult to talk about hand-crafted  objects, as their status is uncertain: both beautiful and unique and yet part of our everyday lives. And that’s why they are precious to us; they fulfil our inner craving for beauty.

The selected art objects are a response to our need to commune with beauty in a specific form and function ( paintings, sound, colours, objects). They are there for us to enjoy, to wonder andto develop our imagination.

With their créations, artists give shape to something that is subtle and almost invisible, like untold longings, dreams or ephemeral connotations, beliefs, memories or loves. The beauty of the things they create is a source of joy that gives us hope in a world full of mass-produced forms, increasingly characterised by ugliness. 

Opening – 08 May at 7pm; 09-12 May from 11 am to 6 pm at Sleutelstraat 5, Rue de la Cle Brussels.

For more inforamtion, please contact Piotr Osuszkiewicz <piotrosu@gmail.com>