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On Thursday, 07th December 2017, we hosted a group of 16 students from the University of Leipzig, Germany.

The visit started off with a brief presentation on the Office’s programmes and key concerns, such as energy. The discussion that followed gave students a chance to become acquainted with the Office’s day-to-day activities, as well as its organisational structure. The main point of the visit, a talk on energy policy, lasted about 30 minutes.

In this time, we touched on issues such as the place of renewables in Poland’s energy mix, or 20% goal which it hopes to achieve by 2020. There was also much interest in Poland’s transition from a coal-based economy, and the question of growing demand for energy in the context of climate change.

The students who took part in the visit study European Integration in Eastern and Central Europe. Their main interest in coming to Brussels was to look closer at energy policy.